Discharged Bankruptcy? Check Your Credit Report!

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Remember you are your best resource for how your credit report should look...

You’ve filed for bankruptcy, gone through the whole process, have gotten your debts discharged and you are well on your way to financial freedom.  But, there is another step in the process that you should not overlook.  You should always check your credit report thoroughly after you have been discharged from your bankruptcy.

A credit report is a very big picture of your financial history and it is your job to make sure it is accurate.  All debt discharged in bankruptcy should be labeled as such and be shown as a zero balance on your credit report. Very often, creditors will neglect to zero out the discharged debt from your bankruptcy and time and again it will continue to show on your credit report, which will completely destroy all that you’ve worked for.  You can send a letter to the credit reporting company and the credit card company explaining the error and asking them to rectify the matter.  Attach any documents that might show your discharge from the debt.  

Remember, you are your best resource for how your credit report should look.  If you have trouble getting your report to look the way it should, you can file a lawsuit and the credit bureaus will be required to pay any incurred fees.  Pay attention to details in your report so that you get the real financial freedom you have gained from bankruptcy discharge.