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Don’t Let Your Bankruptcy Case Get Dismissed

Don’t Let Your Bankruptcy Case Get Dismissed

There are many reason as to why a bankruptcy case can be dismissed...

When you file for bankruptcy, the ultimate goal is to have your debts eliminated and be discharged.  Sometimes things might get in the way and you will find that your bankruptcy case is dismissed.  There are many reasons as to why this can happen from mistakes in filing documents to actual fraudulent actions that took place.

Make sure all of your documents are correct and filed on time.  If you lie on your bankruptcy papers, this is considered fraud and will lead to dismissal of your case.  When you file for bankruptcy, it is important to give all the correct information pertaining to your financials. If you leave something out by accident, sometimes your attorney can talk to the trustee and make a quick fix, but other times the case will just be dismissed.  Equally as important is filing all the necessary paperwork timely and accurately.  There are strict guidelines for how and when your documents need to be filed.

Complete both the credit counseling and debtor education classes and submit your certificates.  Failure to complete either course and filing your certificates in a timely manner will result in your bankruptcy case being dismissed.

Attend your 341 meeting.  You are required to attend your meeting of creditors and answer any questions about your financials and the documents which you submitted in order to file for bankruptcy. If you fail to attend, your case will likely be dismissed.

Let M.C. Law Group help you complete the bankruptcy process without an early and unnecessary dismissal of your case.

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